Luv Home is a living assistance, home care agency helping seniors and disabled people attain the most comfortable of nursing assistance. We offer our services throughout Southern California, helping clients throughout Los Angeles & Orange County. A company based on ethical values, professionalism, and a commitment to our seniors, we promise the best caring, professional, and ethical staff to our clients, giving them all the comfort they require.


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Luv Home ensures that the home care assistants we provide to you are up to par to your expectations and are able to effortlessly do their job, no matter how the patient may be. For this, all members attained through Luv Home are guaranteed to be licensed, vetted, and professional. Our nurses are certified and medically trained, with experience in their field. We don’t just look at their resumes but inspect them ourselves to make sure that they are meet our high quality standards.

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Luv Home offers a variety of home care staff, including licensed nurses, caregivers, therapists, CNA’s, and home health aides at affordable prices. All our staff members are professionals and have all the competencies and skills required to provide home care. We ensure that whatever needs a senior or disabled patient has, they are appropriately taken care of by our staff.